samedi, mars 29, 2008

Why there will never be a cure

Because there is too much money in the Making A Difference business. Seriously. The make-a-difference business is massive. Anything pink apparently makes a difference. Wristbands make a difference. For the past ten years I can't say I've actually seen results from these things that are supposed to be making a difference. Except if you want to talk about the difference between me and the people who feel pretty inflated and look down on others who aren't on the make-a-difference Express. Including their megalomanic leaders.

So let's play a game... kind of like Fred might over at Real Debate:

Fill in the blank -

"______ for the cure"

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Blogger Aaron said...


7:17 PM, mars 29, 2008  
Blogger Firezerk said...

Let's see.....




Slaughtering pigs

Oh my, we could have a ball with this!

7:56 AM, mars 30, 2008  

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