mardi, mai 20, 2008

BFL, Week Four

Nothing helps like a little iron. Whatever it is you plan to do in life, it can be greatly assisted by a daily iron supplement. If you're female, or you know someone who is, you should be taking it and/or ensuring all femaledom that iron is their friend. Even the gentlemens, especially if physically active, can beat those two week blahs.

Take iron at night, on an empty stomach, at least three hours after dairy. Ferrous glycinate and succonate are friendly and highly absorbable. And they dig you, too. In fact, they think you're pretty hot. How you like 'em now?

However good and fine you feel, iron will make it even better.


Now on to week three. I've only lost about 3 lbs in three weeks, but I started out at a flabby 121. If I go up to 125 that won't bother me. The goal is health, strength, vibrance and discipline. Now I haven't hit all of those, but I am squatting up to 30 lbs this week. Sound wimpy? You try it tuff guy!

Four weeks is a good point in an aggressive exercise routine. After the first four weeks of it sucking, and sucking it up, you start to see some results. It's easier to lift things, push things, walk up hills in high heels, and not feel like you're dragging yourself. Oh, and my formerly very painful knees, elbows, and back have all improved. No more knee braces or patella straps.

Each day that I work out, I take notes. How I felt, what it was like to push myself up to or four pounds for a cumulative set, what was on my mind, what I'm going to do next. What I could have done better. At first my notes were kind of dour for obvious reasons but now I can see the tone has changed.

Moderation is one of my goals in this program. And I am beginning to moderate better. Before if I "fell off the wagon" I would be very discouraged that I broke my streak. I would have thrown my efforts out the window. Now I know that I can just get back on the horse and keep going. I get that now.

Six weeks to go. Hope to go a little further :)

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Blogger The Asian Badger said...

Nice job, Phel. Don't be afraid to "reward" yourself every once in awhile...You're EARNING it.

12:23 AM, mai 25, 2008  

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