dimanche, mai 25, 2008

It's GAS!

Real Gas!!!!

Y'all, I had a horrible day on Tuesday. Jay Weber announced that the Concord BP station was no longer carrying unreformulated gas. That changed everything for me on a very basic economic level. Concord got all of my business for the past four years. All of it. Ethanol only touched my tank when it was unavoidable.

So I was heartbroken on Tuesday.

But, alas, all is not lost.

The East Troy Shell station, which I do frequent from time to time, still carries nonreformulated. So if you are driving 30 miles to fill up, Shell is your stop.

And I asked them how long it would be before they were forced over. They said that they were in no danger of that happening, but he gave me a number to call and let Shell know that I want real gas. So if you want real gas, and want to ensure it's future, call 888-go-shell (888-467-4355).

I'll let them know that they can have my business, exclusively, for the next four years and beyond. They can have the business of all of my family members, exclusively, too. If I was a business owner, that would be a dream come true. Almost as good as a mandate.

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