jeudi, mai 08, 2008

My Energy Grand Plan

Well, it's a preliminary plan, let's put it that way.

As most of you know I'm moving downtown this summer from a wonderful duplex. This was a good place to live, but energy costs just don't allow for it anymore. Plus, I did take a slight pay cut for my new position and I have to be careful about that.

In my latest round of calls with We Energies, they suggested a budget plan of $230 per month for me. In a word, no. I have We Energies readers and that's just robbery. There is only me, and that's disproportionate.

Here is what I am estimating. Hard numbers to come later:

- When I live downtown I'll be able to walk to work. That will save me at least $100 per month in gas if not more.

- It will also reduce my insurance rates since I will be driving less than 5k miles per year.

- I will not be paying anywhere near $200+ to We Energies per month. The number will more likely be $30. My wonderful gas stove will be gone, which stinks, but this is reality now.

- My family is getting more shop savvy. Pa discovered that Woodman's is a great deal. Instead of all members of my family going there separately, we can make biweekly or monthly runs. We can also combine our spending dollars and divvy up according to the deals on things we use most. Yes, in America. It'll also save on gas money for us to carpool to the store.

- Already I have made the switch to Aldi

- Starbucks. My last bastion. Because I'll be walking to work, there will be no occasion for me to stop at Starbucks. There isn't one on the way.

- If I have to, some months I will park my car at my brother's or maybe my parents. One thing that must not touch my car's tank (it barely ever does, anyway) is Ethanol. Your car cannot sit - let alone in hot weather - for an extended amount of time with Ethanol in it. It's perishable and will break down in your tank. Then what're you gonna do?

In the meantime, back at the duplex:

- Mornings will be spent at the new club that I joined. This is a good and healthy plan that I am on which will help rebuild my life. It will do some other things though - prevent me from having to pay to heat the water for my showers. I also will spend less money on laundry since I will wash towels less frequently.

- Still going to hit Aldi on my way out to the country to get gas.

- Going to put my savings into my sofa fund. The sofa must have ample cuddle, crash out, and Tom Cruise couch jumping attributes. And good pillows for pillow fights. Hey, it's not completely out of the picture to misbehave at Aunt Phel's.

Surely I'll have more things to share but this is a start. Is anyone else blogging their money-saving ideas?

PS: The bike in the garage. You know, the one that's been sitting for 15 some odd years...she done gotta be tuned up because her loafing years are over!


Blogger Aaron said...

Good luck.

And, good call with Aldi.

1:20 PM, mai 08, 2008  
Blogger Firezerk said...

I drive about 100 to 150 miles a day for work. And I don't get my gas reimbursed. The best that I can do is plan my route carefully, buy gas prudently, and grab as many bonus payments for good work as I can. Thankfully, the IRS does allow me to deduct mileage. I hope that it covers the cost of the gas. (It doesn't.)

So, when is Phel going to have a housewarming party for us bloggers? Something totally vintage, you know?

9:37 PM, mai 08, 2008  
Blogger Dad29 said...

It is simply astounding that WE thinks you're consuming $230/month in energy.

We're at a touch under $200/month with central air, 2 reefers and 1 freezer, and teenage daughters (which are extra-strength utility users...) Most likely our housing square-footages are roughly comparable.

Are you sure someone's not tapping into your gas or electric?

9:30 AM, mai 09, 2008  

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