samedi, mai 10, 2008

Rebuilding - the Body for Life Program

Monday will start the third week on the Body for Life program. This is something I definitely needed to do in order to get my health back on track. My cholesterol is high, my eating habits were willy nilly, and the yoga was for sissies and suckas. And it was expensive.

This is a program that was introduced to me by the person I was most recently seeing and I started it the day before he broke up with me. Knowing this was coming, I vowed to myself that I would continue and claim it as my own.

BFL provides a lot of opportunities to work on areas of your life that need it, not just the physical. Some of my goals with the program, besides getting back into my exercise groove, are to learn moderation, overcome inertia, and get over myself and seize the moment. I also want to reestablish the structure in my life that was lost while working in my former job.

I also am hoping that the experience will help me meet more people. It will also get me into the swing of living downtown, getting up earlier, and having more energy through the creation of energy instead of waiting until I have some. Big lesson for me.

The program is 12 weeks long, and it's hard. You do cardio 3x a week prior to breakfast, 20 minute sessions of increasing intensity. Weight training is 3x weekly, alternating two days upper, one day lower one week, and then two days lower, one day upper the next, and so on. Sunday is a free day with no exercise and ability to eat whatever you want. Although most of the time, you don't go that crazy with it.

I have had many moments during the first two weeks where I wasn't sure I was game for doing this type of thing anymore. Perhaps I didn't have it in me. But those thoughts alone are the reason to do it. Plus, I want to be hot again. The old boyfriend took the before shots of me in my swimsuit, and I think honestly that it turned him off. This isn't my problem, it's his. And the reasons for doing this, as noted above, extend far beyond the opinions of any particular person.

Already, I see major differences at the end of the first two weeks. My posture, my glow, my movements, my social skills have all improved. Heck, my eyes are brighter and my mane is glossy, too.

Bring on summer :)


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