vendredi, juin 20, 2008

Blame Barack

Barack Obama hates airline pilots. How?

Today a United flight was cancelled after the pilot announced he was too upset to fly the plane. This was after an apparent labor related dispute.

And that Barack. He thinks that the gas prices are fine and dandy. If gas prices weren't so high, the pilot probably wouldn't be having said disputes. C'mon, we all know the airlines are in major trouble because of gas prices.

So there you have it. Barack likes high gas prices, pilots are jeopardized by high gas prices, therefore, Barack Obama hates pilots! BB. Blame Barack!

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Blogger HeatherRadish said...

I'm going to try that "too upset" thing the next time I don't feel like pressing buttons at my job. *scoff*

8:29 PM, juin 20, 2008  

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