samedi, juin 28, 2008


You hear the word "empowered" thrown around a lot lately. It's usually considered synonymous with education, and it's a very unequal and incorrect assumption.

If you want to empower yourself, you better get out there and bust your ass and accomplish something. You can be told you are being empowered but until you accomplish something and get that feeling of empowerment washing over you, you are nowhere near there yet.

Today, I still had a lot of shit to unload out of the old place. Most of it will go.

And today, I borrowed my father's/brother's red 1985 ford pickup. It is a man's truck. It starts like a man's truck meaning you better know how to start that baby. You also have to handle it, back it up, and most importantly, not mess it up.

Today I did that.

There is nothing more empowering than driving an old pickup truck. I cannot explain it in any other way than this: a pickup truck embodies the soul of what this nation is about. You better know what you're doing and usually if you're in a pickup, you have something to do in a specific amount of time. Whatever you're hauling you have to get it out of where it is, get it loaded, secure it, and then drive it on the highway or freeway and not lose it. Then, you have to unload it, not just dump it off. And put the gas back into it because for every freedom is a corresponding responsibility.

The pickup is the soul of the nation.

Master the pickup truck and the art of work and the art of accomplishment, and you will find just one way of empowering yourself. If you're a short woman huzzah to you. If you have the opportunity to drive that pickup down a country highway, you will find yourself in the heaven known as the USA.


Blogger jimi5150 said...

Man . . . I feel like a weenie in my mini van now.

10:34 PM, juin 28, 2008  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Well, after you recover, you should write an Ode to the Pickup!

"The liberation of woman
Is encountered here, behind the wheel
Of the short uncovered vehicle
The Pickup

Man's grounding, soul, and expression
Has no finer expression
Than the short uncovered vehicle
The Pickup

Woman's conquest....

You get the idea.

Rhyme or no? Which meter?

Decisions, decisions....

5:52 PM, juin 29, 2008  

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