samedi, juin 14, 2008

Ethanol: Time to lift the mandate. For real. Seriously. Not Kidding.

Flooding in Iowa and Illinois, and now Wisconsin, will no doubt put a horrible squeeze on corn supply this year. If you think it was bad before, Ma Nature just dumped Ronsonol on the fire. It's time to stop using gas for food because now, we need our food for food.

Just a thought. In the 60's and 70's, gas had a lot more energy in it. Gas wasn't this watered down crap that the gov't mandated so that they could collect more tax dollars. Put the energy back into the gasoline and we will not need to use as much or pay for as much.

Sorry government, the party is over.

If you don't believe me.....

Flooding In the Midwest:

Map of the Corn Belt


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