dimanche, juillet 27, 2008

Best. Excuse. Evarrr...

Ring ring.... ring ring....

Me: Hello?

Brother #1: Hey ah, need some help with something. Whatr'e you doing in the next 20 minutes?

Me: Dude, I'd like to help, but I'm drunk.

Brother #1: Where are you at?

Me: The Nomad

Brother #1: Where's that at?

Me: Brady street. And I'm drunk

Brother #1: Why are you drunk?

Me: It's my birthday, it's my God given right to be drunk

Brother #1: So ah, I guess you can't help me get my beerstein from Germanfest.

Me: Dude, it's my birthday and I'm drunk!


So um, why did it take all these years for me to realize that's the best excuse in the world?


Blogger Wendy said...

Happy Birthday!

(So would that excuse work the other 364 days of the year?)

7:05 PM, juillet 28, 2008  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Thanks Wendy!

I'll bet I could pull it off deadpan when I'm sober. Let me give that a try, and report back !! ;)

8:31 PM, juillet 29, 2008  
Blogger buzz said...

Happy Birthday!

8:41 PM, juillet 29, 2008  

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