dimanche, juillet 06, 2008

Chief Flynn: My Heart Pitter Patters at thems Fighting Words...

(What's with you people in Philadelphia, anyway?)

From the JS....
Police target Murda Mobb after shootings

A shooting early Friday morning that left four people dead on the city's north side was the result of an escalating gang war, sparked in part by the re-emergence of a violent group known as the Murda Mobb, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said in a news conference this evening.

Killed in the shooting were Kendrick L. Jackson, 34, Jacoby E. Claybrooks, 28, and Theresa Raddle, 23, all of Milwaukee; and Mariella Fisher, 27, of Glendale.

Jackson and Claybrooks were known members of the Murda Mobb, Flynn said.

The group is responsible for about 24 homicides in Milwaukee over the past 10 years, he said.
The Murda Mobb is "the most organized, most vicious, and most aggressive gang on the north side of the City of Milwaukee," Flynn said.

Flynn said the Murda Mobb and other gangs will not be allowed to terrorize the neighborhoods they have tried to control.

"Today, the Milwaukee Police Department is informing the Murda Mobb that we are taking your neighborhood away from you," he said. "You are going to see more police officers in your neighborhood than you have seen before, and we're shutting you down."

Heh. Can you imagine Artie Jones, Little Tommy The Train Barrett, or Eeeek Michael McCann ever saying what needed to be said? And then doing what needed to be done?

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