vendredi, juillet 04, 2008

Downtown Dispatches - Fireworks and Long Walks


Ah, to watch the fireworks from the rooftop, and from my bedroom. The fireworks have come a very long way. From the rooftop I could see all four locations where they were being set off, and it was a pretty incredible vantage point. Although I had to have a blankie wrapped around me because dang, it was cold. Once I'd had enough of the fireworks that never ended, I went downstairs to my apartment. I walked in and could still see them perfectly and at eye level from my bedroom. I stood in the windowsill and watched the rest of them.

Much to the chagrin of people who were trying to make an early beeline to their cars :)

I do love it down here. Not so crazy about some of the people here to watch the fireworks but that's temporary.


So I am also getting used to walking everywhere. Now I'm not exactly in bad shape anymore, but boy, when you start walking a half mile to places or a mile and a half and then turn back around, you start to hurt a bit. I used to run a lot of miles and running is easier than walking. I guess I need to slowly ramp that up and walk half the time/drive half the time and slowly wean off the car. If New Yorkers can do it then so can I. I have a bike that needs to be fixed up and with moving costs, I just can't swing it yet.


Bring on Craigslist. There is never, ever enough downsizing and getting rid of crap when you move. Believe me, you have crap you don't even know you have. It's got to go. And it's not all crap, I mean, there are good things in there I've had for years. Like my record collection. Who do you know wants to buy my old records.....and before you say "don't sell them", you don't play yours, either!


Blogger Dad29 said...


We gave about 25 LARGE garbage-bags of good used clothing to a SE Asian re-settlement group in town when we moved, and could probably do it again today.

But I'll keep all the books and music, if nothing else than because it looks like we are erudite (or something like that...)

And the tools. And the guns and ammo. And the gardening stuff.

9:37 PM, juillet 04, 2008  

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