mercredi, juillet 16, 2008

Downtown Life.... better and better

So I had to walk home in the wind and rain. This was perfectly fine when I realized I wasn't going to melt and that my shoulder bag would keep everything dry.

A lady was accused of taking a wallet at the Metro Market. Four cop cars arrived....

My wonderful neighbor Ted helped me put up my curtain rods and now I have curtains. Ted has a great view of the city, so I has friends in low AND high places!

I can literally run to the store.

There are three ATMs and five bars in walking distance. And one totally 40's cafe :)

What's also great?

I won't tell you how many stories my building is, but running the stairs to the top and taking the elevator down about 12 times.....well there are days that I am overwhelmed at the fact that I can do that based on how many stories I'm looking at.

And in honor of all of the above, ladies and gentlemens, I present to you: some drunk chick doing the Joyologist imitation. Enjoy.

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Blogger jimi5150 said...

Your musings made me laugh.

The video made me cringe.

Not sure what the net result is.

Anyway, why is it some people are reduced to morons when a camera (video or still) is pointed at them?

1:19 PM, juillet 17, 2008  

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