vendredi, juillet 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day

The thought going through my head this year is the key word: Independence. We delcared our independence from Britain - no representation was just one of the reasons. Today, I feel that we are encountering the issue of independence yet again especially where representation is concerned. We have two candidates who do not represent what our independence is about. One of them is a severe departure.

On the whole our independence as people and citizens is threatened. Our ability to live, work and practice business and our American way of life is being threatened and dare I say, under attack. The slow creeping socialism fantasies of our elected body is a threat that is nearly to the scale of terrorism. Both threaten our freedom, our lives, and our God given gift of being responsible for our own lives. And yes, the sense of being responsible for one's own life is a gift from our Creator.

This is our country and I don't mean that in a noodley John Mellencamp kind of way. This year I put stress on the word Independence. Independence is who we are and we cannot let our country's spirit be eroded, ever. Put that in your bottle rocket and light it!


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