jeudi, juillet 10, 2008

Pre-Bastille Dispatches from the Urban Hang Suite

Au début....

Tonight is the start of Bastille Days, obviously my favorite fest. Although if you want actual French cultural performances, you have to go during the day. This year I hope to attend the French mass which is on Saturday - Dad29 can chime in on whether that counts as the weekly obligation. Touche!



From the rooftop deck, I watched the storm roll in. Now that, my friends, is really cool. Cloud to ground lightning, heavy rainfalls in the distance...there is nothing that compares to getting a full head on view of an incoming storm. I helped my apartment manager secure the furniture so it didn't go anywheres.


Storm the Bastille

The Bastille run will go right past my place, I later I shall be outside with a glass of fine chardonnay in hand. Australian, not French, malheureusement. Although I really could crack open a bottle from France. I has them, tu sais.

I used to run the Bastille and have the time honored, slept-in shirts to prove it. But those days are past me for now. I have traded them in for deadlifts and squats.


Backing up....

On Sunday I woke up at 4:30 a.m. So what's an insominac to do? Go up to the deck and watch the sun rise over the city. The lake was placid, the light was glowing off the downtown buildings like heat from a low campfire. I love living downtown.

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Blogger Deekaman said...

I've watched the sunrise from over the Lake. Everyone should see it once.

With all that "Francais" you have going, are you following Le Tour?

8:12 PM, juillet 10, 2008  
Blogger Dad29 said...

The Mass is the Mass.

Good in any language.

8:21 AM, juillet 11, 2008  

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