mardi, juillet 22, 2008

Stepping into the WE Energies Confessional

So many people I know had a terrible time with We Energies over the winter and spring, and are still paying off high balances from this past winter. I'm one of them. As I've blogged before, my energy bill was extremely high - hovering around 250 each month. Too much for a single woman who spent more time at work than at her home.

And if we had some type of Twitterlike or reality-tv type of confessional for people to talk about how much they've ended up owing WE at a time.... I seriously wonder what we would see and hear.

Well, as for me, my bill did get over $1,000 this past winter, and that's WITH making payments. With some diligence and some sacrifices I've gotten it down to $150. Imagine that, making sacrifices not to get yourself ahead in life, but to pay WE.

I talked with them the other day about my new place, and I can expect to pay anywhere from $31-$45 monthly, (for two people) even throughout the winter. The thought of not having that looming over my head anymore is really a massive relief. Almost $200 extra bones in my pocket each month...a manageable energy bill.

On the walking to work front, I filled my tank on July 1st. This weekend I'll fill it again. I did have to put four gallons in yesterday but on the whole, getting gas once a month is a pretty neat deal. Did a lot of running around on this tank of gas to get the new place together and get rid of old stuff, so maybe August will be better.

That my friends, is strategery!

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Blogger Dad29 said...

NOW you can afford to join the church choir!!

8:24 AM, juillet 23, 2008  

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