jeudi, août 28, 2008

And Now I Present: Strangely Sexy Men

No, this is not another post about Gene Kelly, the most perfect man of all time.

This is a post about men who are not typical, run of the mill hot. What makes them hot is some slightly unusual and individual quality. Often it's humor. But mostly it's because they are unusual in a way that is not "weird". They are complex without being complicated. All of my analyses below assume that the reader knows the obvious - that they are a little off the wall to begin with.

There are a lot of vanilla guys out there being pushed into the spotlight, and they are not hot. Christian Bale, Shia LeBoeuf, David Beckham....boring. Who the hell cares about them. Oh I get it, they do.
So here's my first unusual hottie - Kevin Spacey. Why is Kevin Spacey sexy. I ask myself that every time I look at him. Perhaps it was his role in American Beauty - the henpecked man who slowly takes his life back into his hands. I think it's in the way he looks at something, it's as though he's got a shiny object in his hand and he's looking at it from all angles without really even tilting his head. He carries himself gracefully, like a man 20 years his senior. He is masculine and confident and has a legendary feel. That's something that can't be coached, it just is.

Jack Black. I adore Jack Black. Every time I look at Mark Tauscher I think to myself, Jack Black is adorable. So is Mark Tauscher but it's because he looks like Jack Black. Anyhow. Why is he sexy? Improvisation - and he's damn good at it. He can bust into a rhyme, a move, a line, and a song without missing a beat. And his singing voice has a lot of depth to it. It's melodic, strong, and tells you a story....he takes you on a little bit of a journey even, when he sings. I have no doubt in my mind that JB is an excellent father and is loved by children

Chris Parnell. Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!

I think it's the rap. Its' also the voice. Chris Parnell is like, my height, which means he isn't very tall. But that's kind of what's adorable about him. Some short guys are kind of hot because you know that if they were about six foot, they would be unstoppable lady killers. So, when I finally saw the video for the Chronic-What-cles of Narnia, I just thought, who is that sexy beast! All rapping and confident and eating those cupcakes.

Yeah so I'm not that great at this. Bear with me.

Adam Sandler. This guy has the classic east coast man good looks. I love me some east coast men. With their black hair, pretty jeans and button down shirts. They don't look sloppy like the west coast flakes do. Nothing is worse than a slob - not sexy. Pete Sampras has that look, Danny Pino from Cold Case really has it, as does Gene Kelly in the picture I posted a few days ago. They've got some Cape Cod in them, they have an easy, successful, well-adjusted air to them that is irresistable. Some people might just classify it as yuppie. They have black hair and the italian/irish axis. Or as one of my girlfriends would say, "yes, their parents met at church".

And yes, I adore Ben Stiller. When I first saw him in "Reality Bites" with Winona Ryder, I thought he was just not attractive. I thought, this isn't realistic. Why would her character like him? This is a man who grew into his sexy. His presentation can be described as a calm, yet uncomfortably jittery. He's the unusual guy in the room who can cut it with the pretty people. Stiller appears to be covering up his eccentricity... and he does it in a polished but transparent manner. And he's really, really cute now.

Others are Robert Downey Jr (unfortunately, yes he's f'd up but sexy), Steve Carrell and his straight man method acting... I just love these odd ducks. Give me this over the perfect men, anyday.


Blogger Keith said...

Normally I wouldn't comment on a post of this subject matter... being a dude and all.

But of course I can't in good conscience let a post in which Jack Black is mentioned pass without mentioning that I hate Jack Black with the fire of a thousand suns.

There I said it, I feel much better now.

5:15 PM, août 29, 2008  
Blogger Deekaman said...

What? No me?

9:28 AM, août 30, 2008  
Blogger G and T Back Home said...

I share the reservations about commenting on a post about "sexy" dudes, but I am not sure about the fiery hatred directed at JB. I am TOTALLY on board with the Black/Tauscher comparison - like twins (and in not the Schwarzenegger/DeVito way)!!

3:55 AM, septembre 23, 2008  

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