vendredi, août 08, 2008

Forgiveness Friday

So in the end, I'm really very happy for Favre.  All along I've wondered if he never really had the heart to break up with Green Bay and ask for a trade...offering him to play for at least one more team during his career.  Think about it.  At least he didn't cheat on us while we were all together in order to excuse himself from the relationship :) 

He saw what happened to Holmgren, after all.  Not that putting your midlife crisis on the national stage is any more laudable.

If he wants to play, let him play.  He's the best we've ever seen in our lifetime and possibly ever, and he didn't get it by being born that way.  I think most people would rather see Brett out there on the field doing what he does best, instead of wasting his energy on a halftime show... giving his two cents on everything between other players who Once Were. 

And, people who don't think of sports the same way as business are probably missing out on some very clarifying perspectives.  Employers and employees have disagreements even at the highest levels.  They part ways too, because it's best for all that are involved, their careers, their leadership energy, and of course, for the business. 

All of this tantrum and display, like most fallouts in life, will be forgiven and forgotten by the fans.  For Brett, maybe it's a different story.  We'll let him deal with that.


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