lundi, août 04, 2008


Favre has truly outshone any spoiled bratty 9 year old girl throwing a tantrum.


Blogger Jib said...

I'm on board with that.

11:26 PM, août 04, 2008  
Blogger jimi5150 said...

Not only that, but he's reeeeeeeally put the pressure on himself now. People seem to forget how surely he can be when losing. What will happen if the season starts going south for some reason?

Plus, he, and everyone who thinks he's "our best chance" better hope we make it to the Superbowl. Anything less and this year will be one big waste of time.

12:39 AM, août 05, 2008  
Blogger Dad29 said...

I'm particularly intrigued by the pundit-meme of the week, to wit: it's MRS. Favre who pushed this.

Certainly has cachet with husbands in the land of Packer...

9:57 AM, août 05, 2008  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Well... I can understand that. There is nothing in the world that's worse than an unemployed man!

3:40 PM, août 05, 2008  
Blogger Dad29 said...

But he has things to do.

He can cut lawn for (apparently) 8-10 hours/day.

8:10 PM, août 05, 2008  

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