mardi, août 19, 2008

Happy Days: Does Anyone Care?

Throughout my life when I've told people I'm from Milwaukee I've gotten two responses:


Laverne and Shirley!

The first one I could always deal with. I could deal with being from a city that was a Nobody. Which is better than Madison, the Newman of America.

But the Laverne and Shirley thing. Especially as a kid, I always wanted to respond by saying "nobody in Milwaukee walks around saying 'oh we're Laverne and Shirley town'". Or Happy Days for that matter. So with all this Bronze Fonz going around, I just keep wondering if anyone - who lives here - actually cares. Or the actors really...when I look at the footage of the actors as they visit us here in town, they just kind of look like, "you dragged me out of my beloved hibernation".

Did I watch both shows as a kid? All the damn time! My only real disappointment as a little girl, was that Henry Winkler was nothing like the Fonz in real life. That was the moment my Mom had to explain what acting was. And I think my answer was something along the lines of.... "can't he just be like him all the time, anyway?"



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