dimanche, août 03, 2008


Some of the names that I overhear nowadays really drive me up the wall.

Probably because their parents can whine them. But more than that I just hate the names because they are either pansy names or spoiled brat names:


There are more, but you all have heard them.

But where I draw the line is pansy names for boys. I was in Woodman's yesterday and they were paging Cody to the Front.

That was when I made a pact with myself. My boys, whenever they arrive, will be given Men's names. Like Garrett. All the Garretts I've met have been manly men, not wimpy shrimps with shaved heads, basketball shirts, and wannabe tattoos. That's what happens to boys who are named Cody. They will always be benign and frankly, demasculated. Is that the goal of these parents?

I used to want to name my son Mitchell but I've changed my mind. There are a lot of better manly names out there to pick from.

Unique yes, weird, no.


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