dimanche, août 10, 2008

Sunday State Fair: Not So Good Actually.

Last Friday August 1st...I had the best time ever at State Fair. Really, it was like the planets lined up.
But today....shaaaaaa......not so good. I won't list why.
My purpose in being there? To see the bodybuilding finals. I got a great seat for this. Ten minutes before the show started, a man set down next to me. He seemed harmless, in fact he had won the competition in 1992 and the show manager came over to say hello to him. Well, he was intent on talking throughout the entire show. I put on my very Sunday best extra special snobbery act to try to get him the message that he was disturbing my focus on these very gifted, talented, creative, and slightly attractive men on the stage. Believe me, it was not necessary to have any direction on what I was looking at. I could figure that out just fine for myself.
If you ever have the chance to see the bodybuilding finals - do it. Different bodies, different levels of mind-body connection, different levels of confidence to perform, and different levels of discipline and dedication. And, you have some people thrown in there who do NOT belong on a stage in a banana hammock. That's a small percentage of course, but sometimes, they're good for a decent laugh.

Yeah, I said it. And yes, smarty pants, I could get myself up on the stage and do that.

So back at the bench, without fail, my hanger-oner asks me out. I had to pull out the fake boyfriend card (ah, I love that man, he never does the dishes or makes the bed or takes out the trash, but boy does he come through in a pinch). His tune completely changed for about 120 seconds. Then he was back at it, tail wagging and all.

Thank God for my bladder. Full or not, I am officially declaring today Bladder Day. Did I return to my seat? No, but I did return to the cream puff building to get my final puff-o-the-year.

And, as I stood outside said building, being very happy and content, I could hear a very familiar tune. At the tent right across from where I stood with a little splurf of heaven: "Me...and...Misses, Jones......we've got a thing, going on..."

Yeah, it was nice to turn that one around in the end :)


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