vendredi, septembre 12, 2008

As The Left Turns....

How do you boil all the roil of the left to the surface, so that it can be collectively seen for what it is?

Just add one conservative.

The last few days have rivaled any old school sideshow. It's as though someone said, "ahem, left wing and all of it's counterparts, would you please stand up so we can see you?"
  • Charlie Gibson, pretending to withhold the meaning of the Bush Doctrine, which has no specific meaning. It's modern vernacular referring to four different approaches. Bush didn't make it up.
  • Beating up on a 17 year old girl. Only a sissy will pick on someone who isn't their own size. Yeah I said it, you're a bunch of pussies for picking on an innocent teenage girl. If you want to play high school games, we'll start shoving your heads into toilets and see how you like that.
  • The upside down logic of leftist women who think Sarah Palin is a "step back" for womankind. Clearly, you have never been in the presence of a woman who has accomplished something. If you had, you would be demonstrably better for it. This is the kind of logic abusive men use.
  • "Sarah Palin's only qualifier is that she hasn't had an abortion". Do you even hear the words that's coming out of your mouth????
Then you have left wing Hollywood. Ah I love these overpaid idiot savants.
  • Pam Anderson telling Sarah to suck it. Btw, Pam, after what you've done to your health, no self-respecting fool would breathe the same air as you.
  • Professor Matt Damon proclaiming that Sarah Palin is like a bad Disney movie. Gaia to Matt, those are your professional peers. Walt was a socialist like your buddy Barack. And aren't you lefties the one who encourages everyone to "dream"? Difference is, conservatives wake up and manifest their dreams into measurable realities.
  • My Favorite: Whoopi Goldberg asking John McCain whether black people would again be enslaved Good one, Whoopi, you idiot. Conservatives freed the slaves and have appointed more black folks to cabinet and judicial positions than any Lib. Just ask Harold Ford Jr. We could be reasoning with him instead of plugging our ears against the shrill Nancy Pelosi.
Stay tuned you guys.  I can't wait to hear from Michael Moore.  Hell the reason he's been so quiet has to be that he's making a documentary in Alaska as we speak.  I can't wait to hear from Cher, George Clooney, the ever entertaining Alec Baldwin (oh, THAT one is going to be good).

Ask yourself this, do you really want people who become literally unhinged, bursting at the seams, in full meltdown mode, running the country?  Guys, she is a CANDIDATE.

Imagine - ah one of their favorite words - imagine what they'd do if they had power and we were attacked?  Now who's watching the store.


Blogger Gus said...

Barack H. Christ Phel, I haven't spoken Francais, since my college girlfriend "Lisa" required me to!!
I just wanted to cross-pollinate our blog posts on Pam (no not the cooking spray but just as slippery when wet) Anderson and her take on Governor Palin.
Thank you for your contribution to my post on Reality Check.
(shameless plug for still Unreal's blog).

10:48 PM, septembre 12, 2008  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Gus, after reading that post I nearly fell into spate of the "we're not worthy" chorus. Good job. Shameless Plug approved.

8:13 AM, septembre 13, 2008  
Blogger Deekaman said...

Read both this entry and "Reality Check". Excellent, and props to both. But Phel get's the prize for best line. "Btw, Pam, after what you've done to your health, no self-respecting fool would breathe the same air as you." That's classic!

8:45 AM, septembre 13, 2008  
Blogger Fuzz Martin said...

Well done, Phel! Nicely said.

As for your point about Michael Moore, I figured he just had a heart attack and died --- and nobody noticed.

5:31 PM, septembre 13, 2008  

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