samedi, septembre 06, 2008

Big Environmental: Two Can Play That Game

Deekaman, blogger of Beer, Bikes and the VRWC, uses a term that needs to become part of the "early and often" vernacular of freedom-loving people. I asked him to post a definition of Big Environmental so that everyone can see it. Here are some excerpts from the post:
....The Left loves to use terms that make people afraid of some kind of overlording, all-controlling entity like "Big Business" or "Big Oil". I've decided that two can play that game. "Big Environmental" refers to any of a number of allied Luddites opposed to technological progress in the name of the environment.....

....They are all well funded, Leftist in political orientation, unwilling to compromise and willing to use any tactic from legal intervention to "Direct Action" (i.e., domestic terror) to get their way. They own the Democrat Party.
There is more - read the post here. Spread this term. Use it. It's important to point it out for what it is. Early and often.

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Blogger Dad29 said...

Let's not forget GE and Johnson Controls (inter alia), two "Big Environmental" opportunists of the first order.

9:26 PM, septembre 06, 2008  

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