samedi, septembre 06, 2008

Dispatches from the UHS - Cathedral Square Farmer's Market

I do love the farmer's market. West Allis has been my lifelong farmer's market, but the downtown one is officially more my style. Fewer vendors yes, but they are high quality with good variety. A great apple guy, a game meats vendor, and many, many independent farmers with unique and high quality produce. I am only too happy to give these people my money.

For the first time today, I tried Gazpacho. I bought a container for $5, and this was some really, really good stuff. Was....

Lots of flowers, bread vendors, independent artists, and even yoga. Surprised?

People who shop this market are local...and there is enough room to walk around without getting bashed, bumped, your toes rolled over, or difficulty parking your car. I have a good friend who lives a few blocks from me and we have walked down there first thing in the morning for the past couple of weekends. A good pair of sneakers, 20 bucks and a backpack can definitely make your Saturday ;)

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