mercredi, septembre 03, 2008

Does Not Understand The Economy

Every time I hear this on the Obama ad, part of me wants to laugh, and part of me wants to barf.

Every time I hear Obama open his mouth about anything that would affect the economy, I'm jumping up and down because it's very, very clear that Obama doesn't understand the first thing about Economics. Literally, it's as if he has no training or has been shielded from his own personal economics all of his life. That's the only way that someone wouldn't understand Economics via personal experience.

Think about that - it's very possible that his basic economics have always been taken care of for him. Which is probably why he doesn't see what he is doing as wrong... which is to revoke economic responsibility from the individual.


The reason why his arguments follow no logic, is indicative of his Marxism. He says John McCain doesn't understand economics because they are not Obama's economics, which are Marxist.


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