vendredi, septembre 05, 2008

Grizzled Old Bag

I disagree with Mark Belling a lot of the time. The rest of the time, he's so right I have to laugh out loud because I can't believe someone is saying things as they are, like he does.

Grizzled Old Bag.

That's beautiful. One thing that isn't beautiful... is the result of the old adage: if you keep making that face, your face will freeze like that.

Oh, but Phel, how could you? Look at all that Gloria Steinem has done for you as a woman!!! Oh really. Name something for me. If anything, I credit her with the negative sterotypes associated with strong, smart women.

I credit a lot of women in history for my success. Women like my Aunt Cele. Amelia Earhart. Dorothy Parker. Leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meier, my own Mother. The resourceful and determined women of WWII.

I have also worked with many women who can cut red tape like buttah. One thing they never did was get screechy, whiny, bitter, sour, covetous or boisterously entitlement minded. Because that would diminish the value of what they were trying to achieve. Really, who would take you seriously?

Belling thinks she was once hot.

If you say so, Mark.


Blogger Deekaman said...

Wow. Kinda looks like the Emperor in Star Wars.

12:47 PM, septembre 06, 2008  
Blogger Peter said...

That's the Face that sunk a thousand ships.

8:54 AM, septembre 12, 2008  

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