mercredi, septembre 03, 2008

Haven't We Sent People To Jail For This?

Doyle using state resources for political gain???? Are our memories this short, or consequence this selective?

From the JS:
Madison - Gov. Jim Doyle used a state aide to help write his speech before the Democratic National Convention in Denver, a move that may have violated the state's ethics code.

A lawyer for the board that oversees the ethics code said using a state aide to write a speech for a political convention could violate a law that bans using state resources for private gain.

“It’s not state business,” said Jonathan Becker, counsel for the Government Accountability Board. “So if I was having my staff write a speech to read at a political convention, that would be bothersome to me.”

Should it be investigated?

Yes, absolutely. He'll try to run for governor again and we need this on the record. Will he lose office over it? Only if he was Republican.


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