mercredi, septembre 10, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure Fall Is Here....

Sooner and sooner every year it seems...the temps switch quickly from warm sub 70. It happens faster living closer to the lake, that's for sure.

The leaves outside the suite are beginning to give hints of yellow. You know what that means. It's almost time for the most perfect fall music ever: Nick Drake.

Three years ago, I was leaning out of a window in the morning hours in Italy's lake country. It was morning and too early to get coffee. And I was watching ducks coming around the bend from a small island in the lake. I heard the articulate little quackers before I saw them, gabbing away and not realizing that some people were still trying to get some sleep. A sicilian friend of mine once said, "those sound like they were Italian ducks". I'll bet that I have footage somewhere. It was on this little eve of fall, not quite cold, but I could smell the encroaching autumn in the morning air.


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