vendredi, octobre 03, 2008

Dick Morris Administers A Slapdown

Nothing is worse than the "talking points" mentality. That's how we go from freedom to fascism. Dick Morris gets the gold star for calling it like it is - stopping Alan Colmes in his tracks from hijacking the post-debate debate.

via allapundit:

Proof positive that not everything he says is wrong. Just almost everything.

Exit question in which I’m fairer to Colmes than he’d be to me: Is AC really the worst offender here among the dynamic duo in terms of spewing talking points? “Sarah Palin’s shock and awe”? C’mon.


Blogger Jimi5150 said...

Colmes is the Elisabeth Hasselbeck of the liberals. Only, Elisabeth is MUCH prettier.

1:25 PM, octobre 03, 2008  

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