samedi, octobre 25, 2008

Good times, my friends

What's better than walking into a room and seeing a bunch of people who are really happy to see you? I'm not sure.

So much has changed in what I'm rounding up to 20 years. Many people I talked to had either been married since high school or are now remarried. But some things aren't so different between all of us. We are all city kids, and yes, there is a difference. City kids relate very well to each other. It's a stretch to get beyond that and it's a stretch that should be made. But boy, when you get together, there is a big bunch of no pretense. You can just be you.

Something else that is not so different I found, is that most everyone was at a transitional point in their lives. Just like me. Some are newly remarried, recently divorced, major job changes, or embarking on something new.

My old friend who I mentioned previously picked me up and we went to dinner beforehand. We were both a little nervous, and it turns out, most everyone was. What would everyone think of us now? Had we gotten far enough along in life for this major check-in?

I recognize that the novelty will wear off. And not everyone gets along (most of those combinations were not present at this get-together). But in the meantime, it's perfect.


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