jeudi, octobre 16, 2008

Halloween by Day and by Night

So, many of us are dressing up for Halloween at work. Now, your friend Ms. Jones cannot go tiptoeing into work dressed like the pinup that she is. Last year if you'll recall, I made an incredible replica of a 40s' playsuit. It's stunning. But not for work.

Now to get the full pinup look, you have to put your hair into pincurls and brush them out the next day. This is not a 20 minute do (and, is probably also why the ladies of the times had sisters and good excuses for bowing out of a date). What's a pinup to do? I want to go out on Friday night in my natural pinup state, but the hair can only be one way, my way.
Alas, the answer came to me today.

In the morning, put my hair in pincurls. Go to work dressed as.....

And after work, brush those babies out, put on the eyelashes and the playsuit and....

Be the pinup I was born to be.

I'd say old chap, it works!

What's your Halloween plan?


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