vendredi, octobre 03, 2008

Palin - Local Girl Makes Good

Sarah did fine. Nobody expected her to really knock it out of the park and if she did, it would mean that she's an actor just like Obama and Biden. She kept her cool, talked right to the people, and wasn't worried about what Biden and Ifill would think of her. She knew who she had to talk to and persuade, and it wasn't the Insiders in her midst.

Joe Biden did well for a guy who was trying to hold himself together and not flip it up. You know that beast inside of him - the Condescensionsauraus with an IQ of 2 -was itching to get out. I give him incredible credit for putting on a good face. He was inaccurate from time to time for the sake of trying to scold her or put her in her place. There were some times when he slipped with his condescension and leaned on the podium with his horrible botox smirk and "waiting" expression, akin to "mean girl" politics. You're such a big boy, Joey.

All the polls are too early here this morning, declaring Biden the winner. Know what that's about? Influencing the reputable pollers like Zogby and Qunnipiac. Muddying the waters. The slow advent of propaganda.


Blogger Dad29 said...

Your comment 'talked the people' corresponds precisely with my wife's take.

I didn't see the show, and won't look for replays--but Palin's use of the camera certainly was persuasive to my wife.

10:21 AM, octobre 03, 2008  

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