mardi, octobre 14, 2008

Washington High School - Hooray For Social Networking!

A classmate of mine from WHS is probably one of the most socially connected people I will ever know. He thrives off of connecting people. And in the past month, he constructed a social networking site specifically for my high school.

Something amazing is happening. There are people that are connecting with each other who probably were not friends back in the day. High School has it's own social rules about who is cool, who can talk to whom...etc. You don't see it at the time, but it's there. The years I went to WHS were special...the times were special too. I think there is an unmistakable camaraderie among people who went to Washington. We were winners. We swept in basketball, our track team rocked, and in football, the only team feared more than us, was Custer. And, we were fun.

I went there for two years. I learned nothing academically. Literally nothing. But that doesn't mean that Washington didn't teach me anything. My motivation in going to WHS was to have a diverse experience and get way outside of my comfort zone. That, coupled with the lessons I learned from my classmates, has made me more flexible and able to roll with it than I ever could have alone.

It's good to see these folks.

And on my page, I have many videos that played on BET from 1985-1989. Of course, #1 is "All the way to heaven" by Doug E. Fresh (1985). My all-time favorite rap song and video:


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