jeudi, novembre 20, 2008

And What of Those "Religious Conservatives"

During the election, someone who once had a lot of credibility with me became totally unhinged at the names of George Bush and John McCain. She really lost it. Not like my hairdresser did but she was pretty bad. She's a religous woman (albeit at a liberal church), and flipped out in nearly equal terms about Karl Rove and.... "those evangelicals". To which my reply had been, "what did they ever do to you???"

Dad29 found something that expresses my thoughts, exactly:
I’m hardly the most religious guy you’d ever want to meet. My last church service was my wedding, some four years ago. And that was a Unitarian service. Really, my main concern in politics is maintaining my freedom. And, in practical, definable terms, the daily threats to my liberty are not being pushed by religious conservatives. It wasn’t religious conservatives who’ve told me I’m breaking the law if I light up in a bar. It wasn’t religious conservatives who’ve forbidden me from buying food made with trans fats. It wasn’t religious conservatives who pushed speech codes on our college campuses and dictate hate crimes laws. It wasn’t religious conservatives who’ve made it a bureaucratic journey to buy a gun to protect my home and family. It isn’t religious conservatives I see trying to revive the fairness doctrine to specifically silence their political opposition. It wasn’t religious conservatives to gave us “campaign finance reform”. It isn’t the religious conservatives who have told me that I have to separate my trash, even to the point of removing individual trashcans in my office building.

Put bluntly, I can’t help but feel I’m being sold a bill of goods here. Progressives, with the full consent of moderates,…chip away consistently and unabashedly at my freedom. All the while, telling me how scared I should be of the religious conservative bogeyman hiding under the bed. Do I think there’s some religious conservatives who go over the top? Sure. But, marginalizing the religious conservatives en masse is a surefire way to empower just those religious conservatives who do go over the top. Moreover, I’m getting a little more than tired of being told to be scared about the threat to my liberty posed by my allies by people whose own behavior tells me they want nothing more than to restrict my freedom.


Blogger jon_hansen said...

In general, there's gotta be more separation of religion and politics. The two definitely influence each other, but like you allude to here, extreme stances often unintentionally result.

11:25 AM, novembre 20, 2008  
Blogger Deekaman said...

The Left uses two weapons very well:"The Big Lie" and Rope-a-Dope". We've expounded on "The Big Lie" (heretofore referred to as TBL) many times, but thee really good weapon is the "Rope-a-Dope" (RaD). Dad29 does an awesome job of describing RaD. If you can get everyone looking the other way, they'll never see the roundhouse right coming for the KO.

BTW, don't look now, but.....

12:53 AM, novembre 21, 2008  

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