mardi, novembre 04, 2008

Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

On Sunday I made a decision that I was so sure was correct. I had it all thought out in my mind: how I was going to execute it, why it was important, and that it had to be done quickly.

I hadn't really thought it through. I hadn't asked enough questions because I was so sure I was right.

By Monday morning I couldn't think on anything other than the following: What Have I Done?

Which made me panic, and scramble, and hope that what I had been building hadn't been lost forever. What I needed most of all was what I had rejected. I didn't need anyone or anything else at that moment. Only one person could comfort me. And maybe he was lost forever.

I got a second chance to bring this person back into my life. This is a triumphant return - a close call that my rash, uninformed decision could have cost me.

I got a second chance. I only hope that this country will, too.


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