samedi, novembre 22, 2008

Sustainability - The New Political Correctness

Seriously, could the Wiki entry for "Sustainability" be any longer, or more complicated?

Political Correctness started as a notion that was difficult to define. Now it's nearly law. You don't know when you've violated the laws and physics of PC until it's way, way, way too late. Like any other issue of extremes, there is only one end of the spectrum or the other. Nothing in between. Violate the laws of PC, and your life and credibility are over as you know it now, and forever. People's entire lives and careers are ruined by the tripwires of Political Correctness.

There's nothing like putting a motherlode of energy behind something that is relatively defined.

The above definition of Sustainability is in the context of development, but I have heard it applied to more: personal hygiene, individual farming and gardening, clothing, energy resources (of course), and others.

Once Sustainability becomes law, how will we know when we've violated it? We won't. We'll just be fined of all the resources that we aren't already taxed.

Things used to be a lot more "sustainable". When? When the government kept it's nose out of things. Nobody pollutes more than the government, nobody requires individuals to consume products that are unhealthy for the environment or our bodies more than the government. And we'd consume a hell of a lot less energy were it not for government mandates and yes - watered down fuel. The cars of the 60's got very good mileage because there was more energy in our fuel.

And what of Labor Unions? If we didn't labor unionize the crap out of this country, we wouldn't be sending all of our dollars overseas for mass-produced cheap, insoluble garbage products that end up in our aisles at Osco and eventually fill up our landfills. Unions should be the first to go under Sustainable laws....we'd sure sustain our economy and jobs without them. Our employment laws take care of things fine on their own now, thank you.

Keep your laws off my money, my body, and the dynamics of my life. I've got things handled on this end, just fine.


Blogger Dad29 said...

Carving out the excesses found in most "sustainability" crap, and going to the essentials, you find....


Roman Catholic principles of conservative living. (Think Franciscans and Benedictines from the days of yore.)

8:32 AM, novembre 22, 2008  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

But they didn't mandate us to use bamboo flooring or corn made from plastic!

8:34 AM, novembre 22, 2008  
Blogger Deekaman said...

The excesses are "the devil in the details". Living within our means is the goal (and should be more than ever right now). But the sustainability mantra is nothing more than another (global) government intrusion into our livees.

8:39 AM, novembre 22, 2008  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Yeah, and it does fall under the umbrella of Global Warming.

Now, Mr. Jones is doing some sustainable shopping at the moment, with a 12ga.

8:41 AM, novembre 22, 2008  

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