vendredi, décembre 05, 2008

Satriani: That Explains Everything

I was really surprised at myself when I blogged about, let alone purchased "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay. I hate Coldplay. They are whiny, insufferable boobs.

In fact, all 5'3 and buck-twenty of me could take them all with my right arm tied behind my back.

So today, I was heavily relieved when I saw this report. Viva la Vida is apparently (okay, blatantly) a ripoff of Joe Satriani's "If I Could Fly". My rightful disdain of Coldplay has been validated. Not just that... in the modern spirit I have found out that IT'S NOT MY FAULT that I found myself liking a "Coldplay song".

Have a listen for yourself - the following YouTube clip provides a pretty good case for JS. Think that iTunes will refund my Coldplay purchase?

UPDATE: I have requested a refund from iTunes

And in the interest of fairness, here is the entire song by Joe Satriani. Like most Satriani songs, it's about six minutes long.


Blogger Josh Schroeder said...

At least they didn't copy the lyrics! lol

11:02 PM, décembre 07, 2008  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Coldplay without whiny singing? I'll take it!

11:03 PM, décembre 07, 2008  

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