mardi, janvier 27, 2009

Buy More Ammo

Fellow gun owner Chris (formerly of Spotted Horse) has posted a rebuttal to Eugene Kane's recent column on how those awful guns keep killing people. You know, just like the stories you hear about wild packs of SUVs running people over. That stuff.

At the end of Chris' post, he makes the point of the year: buy more ammo. Once I began seeing the swift arrogance of the Obama administration in action, you're damned straight I began to pick up more ammo in anticipation of raised taxes on it. I don't have any hangups about that either, I'm a law-abiding citizen who is within her rights to own a gun, and ammunition. The perception of this is heavily important to some people (terms like gun nut, conservative, hick, whatever). But in the past couple of months it's become very clear to me that fact-free folk will say whatever will make them a) happy b) comfortable c) one of the ideological collective. So in other words, their opinion doesn't matter to me.

You want the law abiding citizens to be armed. Especially those with strong Western values. The lives they would save, could be yours.


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