lundi, janvier 19, 2009

It's Here, It Kills Deer, Get Used to It!

Ah, weaponry.

On Saturday afternoon, I officially became a gun owner. I went to Gander to buy my lovely, wonderful, stylish Mossberg 500 12 gauge. It's a youth stock and barrel yet still a decent 7.5 lbs. This gun came with three chokes, and has a rifled, vented barrel.

Buying a gun isn't a quick process. Even though I didn't need a waiting period, I did need the fed check and let me tell you, that's serious business. The sales folks go into business mode when you're filling out the paperwork, and when you're ready for checkout. And by that I mean, you don't pass your check and then wander around the store for a while. You get everything together, then do the check, then you buy your gun if you pass. Noooo f'ing around.

While I waited, I shouldered up a double barrel shotgun as well as a 30-06 and a 270. This will not be my only gun, as you know.

And yes I bought ammo but just one box. I'll go back for more. In the meantime ladies and gentlemen, Je vous presente, my first shotgun:

The safety is pretty nice on this thing - right there in front of your face.

What a very proud day this is for me, I'm incredibly proud to be a gun owner.  Our second amendment right is not to be taken lightly and is one to be protected.   I've wanted my own 12 for a long time and I had to wait until I had the money to buy it.  This is not a "run on guns".  And I'd like to say something about that:  it's about time the good guys with guns, stood up.


Blogger Dad29 said...


Look harder at the .270 than at the .30-06. You're slight-of-build and a good .270 will do everything a .30-06 will for a Wisconsin hunter--except, perhaps, bears.

9:29 AM, janvier 19, 2009  
Blogger Patrick said...

Congratulations! I agree with your comment about the Safety, Mossberg's positioning is also my favorite.

10:03 AM, janvier 19, 2009  
Blogger Jimi5150 said...

Now you can tell Brinks, you already have a home security system.

1:07 PM, janvier 19, 2009  
Blogger Scott said...

I was just down there the other day admiring the hammerless S&W .38 pistols. I just don't have the cash, alas.

1:38 PM, janvier 19, 2009  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Thanks all! Can't wait to go pattern it. I should mention that I will eventually buy a deer barrel for it, too. That's the next savings threshold :)

5:05 PM, janvier 19, 2009  

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