jeudi, janvier 08, 2009

Rev Up The SUVs! It's gonna get COLD

Rev 'em up!
With non-Ethanol gasoline from the Shell at East Troy!
Rev 'em up!
My fellow pro-global-warming Americans, we must deploy!

I'm cold.  It's going to get colder. All the global warming nuts have their mouths shut over this recent weather, so the degree of the planet has already dropped a few.  So either give us our gas back, or give us some polar bear skins to keep warm. I've had my fill of cake.


Blogger Jim Zeirke said...

Here's a question: If the problem were actually global "cooling" would the libs response be that we need to get less fuel efficient cars and more SUV's?

7:42 PM, janvier 08, 2009  

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