vendredi, janvier 16, 2009

A Very Busy Week

Sorry it's been light around here, folks. I'm really, really happy it's Friday, let me tell you that much. I'm looking forward to getting everything back on schedule. AND finally picking up my Mossberg.

One highlight of the week though, was making Mr. Jones' birthday cake. If you're a fan of Eddie Murphy's work in the 80s, this will look familiar to you:

Yes, this is an Etch-a-Sketch cake. And I've survived to tell you the story!

It's a regular Duncan Heinz cake, because the first cake (although a scratch recipe) offended my own cooking sensibilities. Boy am I glad I tasted that cake. I might have looked over my shoulder after doing so to make sure nobody saw that I made that thing. That cake might have even violated some laws.

This cake is covered with fondant, which is one of the neatest and most difficult gifts to mankind. Fondant is like Play Dough. You can make it or buy it in a spackle-tub type of container. You put gloves on and knead, knead, knead....then put bits of paste color in it dabs at a time. It took about 45 minutes to make the batch red. So when you're ready, you frost the cake, and then roll out the fondant to 1/8", hold your breath, and drape it over the cake and start smoothing. As my Grandpa used to say, it's a one-shot deal.

The screen and dials are also fondant. When it's time, I'll take my black gel tube and write "Happy Birthday Mr. Jones" on the screen. Oh, and he's also getting a present!

How many hours did it take me to make... well assembly was about two hours, but the prep was probably 10-12 of free time. And I flinch as I write that, because I don't know... it might have been higher. I had to learn a whole new skill in order to make said cake. Many people have faulted me for being a perfectionist, and yes it has it's drawbacks. I look at things like this and think: That would be cool, and I could do that. "You've never done that before"/"that takes a crapload of time". So what, I'll figure it out. This was stressful but fun, and yes, if you love to bake, I highly recommend learning how to use fondant. Just look at the possibilities :)

So if the above does not make sense to you, watch the following Eddie Murphy clip :)


Blogger ConservativeVoice said...

I just have to say that is probably one of the most interesting cakes I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing. BTW there is guy in SoCal that will sit in night clubs, restaurants etc and "etch a sketch" people and it is amazing how similar they come out on that little red square toy.

10:41 AM, janvier 17, 2009  

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