mardi, janvier 20, 2009

Wait Your Damned Turn!

No... I'm not talking about the bread lines that 51% of the country wants.

If Obama had kept his mouth shut and not interrupted Chief Justice Roberts, then the whole swearing-in process might have gone smoothly for EVERYONE. But no, Obama had to think about himself. Oh well, I guess we should expect it from now on. The First "Me First".


Blogger scott feldstein said...

I realize your remarks are tongue-in-cheek. But you realize that it was the chief justice's error, right?

11:29 PM, janvier 20, 2009  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

When I make a mistake at work and it causes other people to make mistakes, I am at fault. This is no different.

6:15 AM, janvier 21, 2009  

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