lundi, février 09, 2009

Tell Me Why? I Don't Like Mondays

Ah, you thought your Monday was bad.  Imagine being THE ONE and getting (gasp!) embarassed! By a dastardly, trifling military vehicle, nonetheless!!!

Oh and the comments, how could I forget the comments:

"So it turns out Obama isn't just another Jimmy Carter...he's also Gerald Ford."

"And when he woke up, he was dressed like Diana Ross, learned the helicopter landed on the evil witch of the West Nancy Pelosi (eeehhehehehehehe!!!), befriended a Tin man named ALGORE, a gay cowardly Lion played by BARNEY FRANK, and yes, Harry Reid as the Scarecrow. Henry Waxman makes a cameo as TOTO the rat. Their goal is to meet the Wizard of D.C (GEORGE SOROS) and get back to making America Socialist."

"Good thing his brain is stored safely up his butt."

And many many more from the Captains Obvious: if it was Bush, it would be the top story.


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