vendredi, avril 24, 2009

If High Powered Rifles are Good Enough for the Milwaukee Police Department

They're darned good enough for US.

I get tired of hearing about how "scary" high-powered rifles need to be banned.

Chief Flynn is making the case FOR the people to be armed. His message? The bad guys have some high-powered stuff, and we need to be ahead of that.

We don't all need a high powered rifle (well, maybe) but let's look at something. In light of all of that - he's going to have "his troops" wrestle American citizens with the constitutional right to bear arms - to the ground if they open carry.

Are they living in a different city than the rest of us are? The MPD encounters a higher volume of dangerous situations than you and I do, but crime is not LIMITED in size, scope and location.

He's already acknowledged it's bad out there. But apparently, the lives of Police officers are more worthy of open protection than ours are.

And then there's Tommy B:

"We cannot have a situation in this city where our police officers are being outgunned by the bad guys."

Hello? Mayor Barrett??? What about the rest of us? Us peasants paying taxes, remember us????


Blogger Dad29 said...

You're merely proletariat.

Frankly, the MPD is years behind Brookfield; they've had in-car AR-15's for at least 10 years out here.

The obvious difference between you and the MPD streetcop is that you are not required to, ah, 'visit' with drug-dealers.

11:52 AM, avril 24, 2009  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Another thought today...

If the police are armed that heavily, then it backs up the premise of the 2nd Amendment.

4:43 PM, avril 24, 2009  

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