jeudi, avril 16, 2009

It's Almost Friday, and I Finally Saw Caddyshack

Oh yes, I ::was:: the only human being above the age of 18 who hadn't seen Caddyshack. Mr. Jones was there this evening to share the moment with me. Seriously, that's love. Being able to say, "hey baby, I know you've seen Caddyshack 62 times not counting the time you watched it yesterday, but would you watch it with me, for me?"

In the words of the lolcat, "we has a We".

Which has nothing to do with segueing into Buck Owens and Don Rich. But here goes. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Buck Owens and Mr. Don Rich!

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Blogger Deekaman said...

Any true Caddyshack aficionado will be happy to watch it just one...more...time. Especially with someone who has never seen it.

Tell me...can he recite the dialogue?

4:59 AM, avril 17, 2009  
Blogger still Unreal... said...

Ok, so when you say "finally saw Caddyshack", you mean for the first time this year, right?

Deekaman: sad to say, i totally can.

Phel, dont feel so bad...i finally watched The Godfather for the first time after i met my wife! (how can i live that down??!?)

1:22 PM, avril 17, 2009  

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