samedi, avril 18, 2009

Phel Gets Her Shoot On

* Note to all McMiller people, be sure to read the last paragraph

I was the lone gunwoman today as I headed out to McMiller. Asian Badger was considering going but could not make it.

This was the first time I shot the gun, ever. So part of me really wanted someone to be there with me, but what was I thinking. Gun owners are a group of people who are generous with their time and knowledge. Every person I encountered today - working or shooting there - was wonderful and open to interaction. Which is very different from the intellect-minded city.

I patterned for Turkey to start with, and quickly figured out my shoulder pad wasn't necessary. I also need to get up further on the barrel and snug the gun in harder so that what I'm looking at down the barrel is what I intend to shoot. All of the long guns I've handled before have had scopes, so this is an adjustment for me.

Then, I went to the 100 yard range to shoot some slugs through the smooth barrel. I shot Winchester 2 3/4 1 oz slugs 1600 fps. I just lost every gun-fearing lefty there, but I digress :) Those slugs went well, but not as accurate as I would have liked in this barrel, although I was warned that would be the case. After about four of those, I switched to a Federal Power-Shok 3 in 1 1/4 slug, 1600 fps. One of those was enough for one day, my friends. At least until I get more range time and more tolerance.

Next trip, I'll switch out to the slug barrel and fire some sabots.

Later this evening or tomorrow, I will post a scan of a notice that McMiller gave me. The state rep for the area is trying to either a) get McMiller shut down in favor of a ski resort or b) restrict the type of ammunition that can be shot there. Both options are bad. McMiller is the only facility of its type in the state of Wisconsin, and we have to call the representatives and the DNR to ensure that it is not threatened. Apparently, the DNR is sympathetic to the continuity of McMiller. Stay tuned, because I will post the notice.

Make some calls... feel free to forward it on to anyone.

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Blogger Dad29 said...

Thanks for the info!

Posted notice; named names.

8:23 AM, avril 19, 2009  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Thanks - I am still working on getting this scan, I hope to have it by EOD.

The history you mention is what they were talking about there as well.

8:30 AM, avril 19, 2009  

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