mercredi, avril 08, 2009

Thankfully, I Don't Live in the UK or Germany

...where they have to resort to grabbing a forceps to pull their own teeth.

Imagine the pain of a toothache, which can only be addressed to a certain point with antibiotics. Or, imagine having mitral valve prolapse, where bacteria in the bloodstream can cause heart palpitations. Infected upper teeth can also cause chronic sinus infections (which happened to fa family member). Thank God and sweet little baby Jesus for our health care system!

Tomorrow morning, I will gladly get my rear molar pulled. The infection has created other physical problems for me that thankfully will now start to resolve themselves. I had a root canal on the tooth many years ago, so I didn't know until recently that I had a major problem.

Popsicles, tapioca, sesame tofu, and drugs. Hooray for our health system!!!!!!!!!!!


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