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Stevia. THAT Didn't Work

Okay dahlings. I know you are all out there workin' hard and breaking a sweat for bathing suit season. Which isn't what it used to be but I digress (actually, it isn't what it used to be primarily because I was 24 oh-so-many years ago).

So back to the matter at hand. The leaves are starting to bud on the trees and it's time to shed those winter pounds. I've been working at this for a while, and despite hundreds of situps weekly, I am looking more like Grimace than Jessica Rabbit. Whyfor? Nothing was really outside of the norm.... no more cans of reddi wip, no diet coke, pie crust, or other goodies. I have been settled nicely at 1300 calories a day plus exercise. It always works, never fails.

....cue the surprised gopher music.....

Instead of sugar, or any other artificial sweetener.... I was using Stevia a few times a day. Stevia is an "herbal" or "natural" calorie free sweetener. And of course if it's natural or organic or whatever, it's supposed to be (morally) superior.

Yet here I sit, with an enlarged belly, googling "stevia abdomen". I didn't find many, but I did find some hits that fit my search and quest. Even one that detailed an experiment on baby chicks, denoting increased abdominal fat, in particular.

So this is my speculation: Stevia gave me a gut within a matter of a couple of weeks. I'm going to throw it out and start over with the same diet approach, sans Stevia. We'll see how I'm doing in a couple of weeks, once we're at a firm 70 degrees during the day.

And further... no, there is no substitute for sugar, if you're going to eat it.

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Blogger Dad29 said...

There's PLENTY of sugar in liquor.

And liquor makes you totally unaware of other physical manifestations!

10:16 AM, mai 01, 2009  
Blogger Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

You know I agree with Dad.

That said, you may not be eating enough. 1300 calories is very low, even for your petite frame. Go here:

To see how much you should consume.

12:53 PM, mai 01, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

Belladonna is natural. Botulism is natural. Rattlesnake venom is natural. And all three can make you naturally dead.

8:30 AM, juillet 10, 2009  

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