samedi, avril 15, 2006

Almost here...

Old school details

Satin liners
Darts and tucks

Velvet ribbons on the ease
An old hemmer foot
Peek ruffle
And the Goddess...
She is almost here


Anonymous Sara O. said...

Oh. My. God. You work fast. And it looks really good so far. I was just telling someone few minutes ago at how I'm a domestic goddess, with all my cooking, cleaning, and organizing. But I can't do two things because I've not attempted them for some reason: garden and sew. And I really need to learn to hem pants.

11:22 AM, avril 16, 2006  
Blogger sliverthetomcat said...


Now we must think of the perfect venue worthy of her debut.
Any suggestions out there?

11:56 AM, avril 16, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Thank you ladies! Although I suspect that I have not appeased the Goddess and she is now in need of service. Before I need a venue, I need a screwdriver :)

Sara - got your email - I will respond to you shortly!

8:28 AM, avril 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

There is only one venue that would be truly suitable for the debut of something so beautiful. The Green Mill.

12:18 AM, avril 18, 2006  
Anonymous amybelle said...

Is that a vintage singer?

Jealous! Those are amazing.

I have a viking...

9:18 AM, avril 18, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Anon.... alas I know of no one who goes Jumpin at the Green Mill....have always wanted to go.

Amy - why yes it certainly is. It's a Singer 503A. How do you like your Viking?

9:25 AM, avril 18, 2006  
Blogger *Belle* said...

I have a viking, too! It's a daisy. Got it for $75 bucks, which was a's going for more than 400 on eBay!

It's been awhile since I made any clothing...right now I'm on a quilting kick...hopefully this summer I'll have time to do some more garments! Lord knows I have the fabric and the patterns!

And, is there another belle trying to take over? Get out of here! I'm enough belle for one cheddarsphere.

9:26 AM, avril 18, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

"In the end, there can be only one!!"

(Belle holds up her quilting needles)

I got a good deal on my singer too... ebay of course :) Getting it tuned up though I just found out will cost me more than I paid for the darned thing. Have you taken your Viking anywhere for tuning? (I couldn't get the link to work, btw!)

I also have quite a set of patterns going on that I need to make real - but have never tried a quilt. If I had a serger though...I'd be quilting everything in sight.

9:52 AM, avril 18, 2006  
Blogger *Belle* said...

booya biatches! lol...

that is quite unfortunate that the tune up will cost more than the machine did! I've had mine for about a year and haven't taken it in for a tune up. although, perhaps I should. I'm pretty good about cleaning it regularly so I'm hoping the tune-ups won't be needed as frequently.

I don't have a serger. life (and quilting) would be oh-so much easier if I did. That's the dream -- to have a serger!

btw- here's the full link for my machine:

3:40 PM, avril 18, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

That's a nice machine! Is it portable?

In place of a serger I have used fray check...I tend to like futsy fabrics. You know I have never cleaned my machine. Mom looked at it on easter to try and figure out the problem. She pulled out the sewing machine version of belly button lint...!

10:37 AM, avril 19, 2006  
Blogger *Belle* said...

What do you mean by "portable"?

Cleaning the machine might keep you from having to get tune ups so often! ;-) Those sewing machine belly button lints aren't half as bad if you clean it regularly. ;-)

10:34 AM, avril 21, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Some machines are portable, with a carrying case et al. Actually I have one but it needs to be rewired - it's very cool :) You know, until my mom opened the machine and showed me where the lint hid - I had noooo idea of all the places I needed to clean! Glad I know now, I mean, after calling around for quotes, I realized I might be in the wrong business!

8:57 PM, avril 22, 2006  
Blogger *Belle* said...

mine doesn't have a case, but it's quite easy to move around. I have a cover for my machine and all the cords are completely removable.

Yay for learning to clean the machine! :-)

9:07 AM, avril 24, 2006  

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