mercredi, avril 18, 2007

The City Gave Us a Day To Respond?

UPDATE: Murphy actually pulled the vote as of this afternoon. I'm happy, but I can't say I'm surprised.

I received this email this morning from a neighborhood group that I belong to. Something sounds fishy here:
Help Fax or call and complain.

Letter sent to the neighbors only tonight!!!

The Mobile Station wasts to Convert the service bays into expanded Convenience store.

Neighbors are already concerned about the late hours.
Trash and garbage around the store, street and water damage from the auto wash, tax
payers, not the mobile station are paying for the repairs.

Late night loiterers, and the Noise!!!
and much much more.

Fax complaint to 286-2555
No Oral complaints will be heard
( the city gave us a day to respond)
written complaints won't make it in time.

Call Michael Murphy's office also, 286-2221


If you want a copy of the Public notice call me me I will fax it to you

Now does that sound right to you? The city agreeing that the station should be able to expand, and giving their neighbors 24 hours to say yea/nay?

Something seems... off.....

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Blogger David Casper said...

No oral complaints?

Seems to me Michael Murphy is doing whatever it takes to avoid hearing from his constituents.

8:21 AM, avril 18, 2007  

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